Hugo Winter, a roguish American drug smuggler, is on a quest for a mysterious African drug called Bulu which gives the user the powers of prophecy.

In Uganda, he meets two sisters who can help him find the source of Bulu, but they have competing agendas. Kisakye, a devout Christian, wants to sell the drug to save her village, whereas Angela, a criminal hustler, is only interested in getting rich quick.

As Hugo follows them deeper into the jungle, he begins to doubt whether his prophetic visions are    leading him to death or glory.

Behind the Scenes

Since 2011, producer David Cecil and director Dan Moss have been working in the film industry of Uganda, teaching at Kampala Film School, running an independent cinema and producing shorts, music videos and documentaries. In 2017 they shot their first feature film, Imperial Blue, in the remote forests and villages of western Uganda.

The producer and director gathered a team of experienced professionals from Uganda and Europe, and paired them as mentors with students and upcoming Ugandan film-makers. A Feature Film Apprenticeship Programme was designed to develop practical experience in feature-film making in the Ugandan industry. The Programme addresses both the skills gap and the lack of opportunity for Ugandans to work on professional features, since international productions always import their main technical and logistic crew from outside East Africa.

Shooting in a remote, rural location required the production team to engage positively with the local community. GirlBe, a Ugandan gender rights organization, was present on the shoot to work with local schools in the delivery of scholastic materials, as well as organizing educational and cultural workshops to women and children. Meanwhile, local men were employed as set builders and in logistical support roles.

With the successful completion of Imperial Blue, the production team aims to go on to repeat the Feature Film Apprenticeship Programme in Uganda, always adhering to its ideals and ethics. We will produce a world-class feature every few years, involving increasing numbers of local film-makers in key roles, thus empowering Ugandans to build their own professional industry.




Nicolas Fagerberg

Swedish-born Nicolas trained method acting with Sharon Chatten, the renowned LA coach to the stars (such as Al Pacino, Jim Carrey and Nicole Kidman). In 2016 he met Petter Barwe who helped coach him for “Imperial Blue” before his departure to Uganda.

His notable credits include “The Relationship Play” and the multi-award winning “To Be Delivered” directed by Pierre Amstutz Roch.

Nicolas is currently working on his debut album as well as a book. He is set to play a lead in 2018 feature film “Black Sun” (Greenlit Productions).


Esteri Tebandeke

Esteri Tebandeke (born 16 May 1984) is a Ugandan film and theatre actress, dancer and visual artist.

A graduate of the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art at Makerere University, Esteri Tebandeke has played roles in the films Sins of the Parents(2008), Master on Duty (2009), Queen of Katwe (2016) and Her Broken Shadow (2016).

She has also put on her own theatrical performances at the Ugandan National Museum, including Conversations with my Mother.



David Cecil – Writer/Producer

David has been working in film, music, theatre and education in East Africa since 2007. He managed a cinema and performance space, Tilapia Cultural Centre, in Kampala from 2011-13 and was one of the founders of Kampala Film School in 2011. Besides his forays into Ugandan theatre, David has produced a number of films in East Africa and beyond.

The FFP (feature film apprenticeship programme) is one of the motivating forced behind Imperial Blue and is a product of David’s long-term affiliation with the UK-based David Game College Group.

David has worked on various music and film projects with Dan Moss, the director of Imperial Blue, since 1996.

Semulema Daniel Katenda – Producer

Semulema Daniel Katenda: With a background in film and TV production, Mr. Katenda has worked extensively in Uganda and Rwanda, on everything from setting up a local TV stations (Yego TV), directing various music videos and managing feature film productions.

He has worked on NGO films, travel films and documentaries for social development in partnership with the Makerere school of social sciences.

He was a student at Kampala Film School where he was taught by Dan Moss and David Cecil. He now manages promotion and press relations for EAR (East African Records), in addition to supervising music video production through his involvement in Blue Imp Films.

Dan Moss – Writer/Director

Dan Moss is an award-winning Director and Screenwriter, whose first foray into film was a 50-minute documentary for BBC2 in 1992 when he was 13. He has written, directed and produced seven short films along with a variety of music videos and his own theatrical productions that have been performed in London, Paris, Milan and Rome.

Dan is also an accomplished electronic musician with over thirty vinyl releases and regularly tours under the guise of Dan Hekate.

Dan has visited Uganda several times in the last few years, lecturing at Kampala Film School and directing Bye Bye Mzungu (2012), a collaboration with Imperial Blue producer, David Cecil. 

Ezequiel Romero - DOP

Shakirah Kibirige - Make Up/Costume

Rehema Nsanyiwa - Production Co Ordinator

Nicole Lieberman - Co Producer

Kitsha Kyasi Joseph - First Assistant Director

Callum Male - Editor

Rhonnie Nkalubo Abraham - Art Director

Maria Kibera - 2nd Assistant Director

Chloe Hardwick - Editor

Patience Asaba - Production Manager

David Bryceland Composer

Albert Ssempeke - Composer